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Back in our parents’ day, deciding where to spend your money was a lot easier. There were likely only one or two plumbers, lawyers, real estate agents, banks, chiropracters to choose from in any given neighbourhood–because, before the internet, most people didn’t look much farther when they needed something done. And professions like business coaches,  marketing consultants,  financial advisors, didn’t really exist, at least, not for the average person.

But all that’s changed.

Today, there is Google, the number one way in which people search out the service they need. And when you Google ‘financial advisor’ today, you are likely to get dozens of listings in your town or city, not one or two.

So how does one choose?

It used to be the bigger the business, the more successful it was thought to be. But over the past decade there’s been a slow shift away from the faceless, often uncaring, corporations of yesteryear. Today’s customers want personal service. They want to know to whom they’re speaking. And they want to know what that person or company stands for.  The differentiator, in other words, is their brand.

The articles we’ve posted below are about very different groups —investment advisors, and job hunters–but in each case, they make the same point:  developing a strong personal brand is not just an advantage, but, in today’s highly competitive–and personalized business world– a necessity.


Without Personal Branding, Your Career is Dead

A recent article from HR Update,  published by the Human Resource Professionals Association, talks about the importance for job seekers of having a strong online personal brand.  It quotes a recent Jobvite study (2014) stating that 90% of hiring managers use social media sometime during the hiring process. And that 30% of all Google searches are employment related. Three excerpts:

No longer is it enough to just submit a well-written resume. Seekers carefully collecting and using their brand assets to their advantage are those getting ahead….

As social media continues to shape how we meet, connect and interact with one another, some things will never change–like how a picture says a thousand words and how one can never take back a first impression

An online reputation encompassing real world values holds enormous potential in many different areas of life today. Areas like banking and e-commerce, for example, where value is exponentially increased by knowing who someone really is, and where a high degree of trust is required. Not to mention personal relationships.

Read the full article here:  http://issuu.com/greatrivermedia/docs/hr_update_june_2015_issu



Make a connection when choosing advisers

A retired brokerage expert talks to the Globe and Mail about his process of choosing an adviser to handle his own portfolio.

“Two key things I look for in an adviser are a meeting of
the minds, and a meeting of the hearts.”

Colin Monteith looked purely online to find advisers who talked about
“what they believe in and what makes them different”.

Advisers who didn’t offer such insights
“tell(s) me they’re not very good at relating to personal
questions, and all too many issues we have as investors
involve personal aspects of our life. If they’re not very good
with that sort of stuff, I don’t want to deal with them.”

Read the full article here: